Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ankasa Nature Reserve

Last Saturday we took a trip to Ankasa Nature Reserve with our friend from church, Wilson. It was a beautiful rainforest. We took a long hike through the forest. Sometimes we were walking on a nice path, and other times we were climbing under and over tree trunks. It was a beautiful day and area. We were a little disappointed because we went to find elephants and didn't see anything but a snake.

I took a million pictures because I couldn't believe how green it was.

Amelia with our friend Wilson.
Amelia standing between the un-grounded roots of a very large tree.
This is a picture of the guide who took us through the forest. At first I was a little concerned about walking into a thick forest following a man holding a machete. I got used to the idea quickly and became even more comfortable when I realized that the primary purpose of the machete was to clear the path of spiderwebs and brush, and not to keep wildlife away!
Our friend Wilson.

After our hike, we ended up on this nice dirt road. We walked down this road about ten minutes before arriving back at our taxi.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Bamboo Cathedral

This is the "Bamboo Cathedral" at Ankasa Nature Reserve. The bamboo was really huge.

Amelia, our friend Wilson, and the guide, by the bamboo.

Walking down into the grove.
By the bamboo bridge that wasn't strong enough to walk on. I wonder why they don't take it down and reduce the temptation to walk on it.

Our Visit to Kojokrom

Last Thursday we went for a visit to Kojokrom with our friend Wilson. It's not too far away. It took us about twenty minutes to get there on a tro tro. It is so green here in Ghana. Here are some kids playing outside.
I thought the railroad tracks were really cool.
Amelia walking into Wilson's sister's house where we ate a delicious dinner of rice and stew.
Amelia holding Wilson's nephew. His name was pronounced Ahh-bay-you. I have no idea how to spell it.
This is Wilson's sister Grace. She was really, really nice.

Our friend Wilson with his nephew.

Kids Downstairs

These kids are always playing or learning at the bottom of the stairs. They are really cute and yell hello to us all the time. They like to give us fives.

This is me with the Elizabeth's friends. They always sit at the bottom of the stairs and try to teach us Fanti. We just smile and wave.

Workshop Week 10

This is our training workshop. We taught ten people the workshop and eight of them were trainers sent from Cape Coast. They will be teaching the Career Workshop to the people between here and Accra. They were pretty fun to teach. In the picture from left to right is: Anthony, Grace, Patrick, Amelia, Patricia, Knight, Lorenzo, Richard and Bossman. Another man, Joseph, wasn't able to come on Friday and wasn't in the picture.
Here they are, hard at work! From left to right: Grace, Lorenzo, Anthony, Patricia, and Bossman.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Kumasi is where most people from the Ashanti tribe live. We visited a cultural center where we saw a few different things the Ashanti people make--fabrics, wood carvings, paintings, brass work, and pottery. It was really cool. Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take many pictures there.

A Day at the Beach

Ernest, me and Moses with a few boys we met at the beach.

Race on the beach.

Kristen brought a frisbee with her and it was a hit. These boys kept wanting us to take their picture. We told them that we would only take pictures of the boys with clothes on. That made a few of the naked boys run get dressed.